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Moreno Bakery
Moreno Bakery


Moreno Bakery is a hometown bakery whipping up custom cakes and pastries for its loyal clientele. Opening in 2008, owner Jose Moreno and his aunt started out in a 2500 sq ft. building with only themselves running the business. Jose’s wife Susan joined the business and contacted Spectrum Reach to consider television advertising as a way to have their name recognized. Moreno Bakery faced the challenges of not having been open for very long and being located next to a supermarket with a bakery. Spectrum Reach was aware of the challenges that Jose and Susan faced.


From their meetings came the solution of using geo-targeting in the local zone and to run consistently for 12 months on Bay News 9, Spectrum Reach exclusive 24-hour local news channel, so that Jose and Susan could see the possibilities of targeted television advertising. With consistent frequency throughout the zone, Moreno Bakery was able to grow their business exponentially.


Moreno Bakery has since moved to a new location and has upgraded from two employees and a 2500 sq ft space to 45 employees and a 10,000 sq ft space. Now as a well-branded profitable business, Moreno Bakery is unquestionably reaping the benefits of advertising with Spectrum Reach.

Project Details

Company Moreno Bakery
Industry Retail
Market Tampa Bay, FL

Moreno Bakery had a wonderful business and location, but a limited advertising budget to tell their story.