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Benefits of Cable

In this era of increasing consumer choice, viewers still spend more time watching cable television than ever before. Cable's world class brands and award-winning programs attract a highly desirable consumer for local advertisers.

Cable Targets Specific Audiences...

Cable offers a wide variety of programming designed for specific audiences, interests, and genres; News, Sports, Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Kids, Music and more. World class brands & original content offer the depth of brand association to television networks like ESPN, CNN, USA, TNT... and over 50 of the country's top-rated cable networks with local advertising capabilities.

Cable Targets Your Trading Zone...

Cable TV advertising allows you to focus your message and precisely target your most valuable potential customers in your desired geographic area. Reach consumers in your most important markets... on the most targeted media channels available.

Cable is Cost Efficient...

Eliminate waste - reach the right people in your area at the right times and during the right programming. With Cable's cost effectiveness, you can afford to run your message to reach a larger audience of potential customers with greater impact.