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How much does it cost to advertise?

Our team of media experts will design a media plan that is right for your business goals, tailored to meet your specific needs in reaching your targeted audience effectively and efficiently.

How do I choose the right networks to place my advertising?

Each network is designed to reach a particular audience. Your customized solution will use the most effective networks, targeted geographically and demographically, to reach the targeted audience that meet your goals.

What if I don’t have a TV commercial?

Award-winning Creative Services producers concept, write, shoot, direct, edit and produce commercials on location or in one of our four studios.  Our team uses the latest in high definition technology to tell your amazing story. Our producers listen to your needs and goals and guide you through the process of creating a commercial designed specifically for you and to achieve your advertising objectives. Browse samples of our commercial work.

How long does it take before my commercial runs?

If you already have a commercial produced, it can start in just a few days. If you need a commercial produced, it depends on the complexity of the project and how quickly you approve steps in the creative process. From your very first creative meeting to approved commercial, it’s generally five to ten business days.

What if I just want to advertise in my area?

Spectrum Reach has created zones that match a market’s retail trading zone. Our sales professionals will work with you to select the areas that reach the highest percentage of your customer base.

What is a zone?

A zone is a local area or subset of a DMA (Designated Market Area).

How do I advertising on your website(s)?

You can advertise online with our local 24/7 news stations website (mynews13.com & baynews9.com). Call 1-888-232-2253 for more details.